Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Things...

Blogging is new for me! I have come to enjoy it. I enjoy expressing myself in writing and I enjoy typing on the, what a combination. I have not kept up with it but I will do my best. Speaking of best, I have an incentive to keep on writing! I received and award today from Sheryl. Yes the Sheryl from Thanks Sheryl, encouraging people is a great way to keep them on the right path.
I know that I should pass this on so I have decided to pass it on to Amy Bass., her blog, now website is one of the most informative I have seen since I have been on a quest to be debt free. Thanks Amy, and I am really routing for you to reach your goal much sooner than you have set.

Work Life 2 !!!

Leadership verses Authority....Wisdom verses Knowledge......
Experienced verses Qualified!
The Spring Chicken
The young chick or stud fresh out of college or just starting on their career path. So they are full of ideas and ready to hit the road running. The tricky thing is the spring chicken in this respect does not have to be young in age. Just young in mind and susceptible to change. Many many many many many many people hate change that they are not in control of. It messes with out homeostasis. Our environment. The spring chicken is a go getter! The spring chicken can be a little flashy which is a major turn off to the Hen; some chickens like the spotlight and some don't. Spring chickens can add spice to the organization! They are usually the hustlers and workers that take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. At times, the spring chicken poses a threat to the Hens. This is not always intentional and not always avoidable. The Hen that feels threatened is the Hen that hates change, does not feel like they are going to be noticed anymore, and quite frankly are the ones who have been faking the funk. Spring chickens have quite a bit to learn and will make several mistakes along the way. Now the one to be watchful for is the wise spring chicken. These are the ones who learn from the mistakes of others and their own simultaneously which keeps their mistakes to a minimum. This is a fierce spring chicken and can do wonders for the organization they work for. There are some cocky spring chickens and they have to be brought down a notch at times, all along they normally realize it is for their own good and take heed. If not, they are on the pathway to being a Hen. Get rid of them quick if you can! So if you have a spring chicken hold on to them dearly, guard them and keep them if the Hens attempt to over throw them.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Work Life!!!

Leadership verses Authority....Wisdom verses Knowledge......
Experienced verses Qualified!
Among the working class these words are often used interchangeably. Better yet they are often placed against each other. Working people want to be assets to the company or organization they work for. Not only is this desire for the betterment of the company, more often it is for the betterment of oneself. Things that make you go hmmmm. My profession is communications. Unlike many of my counterparts I don't have a job. I am on a career path. JOB stands for Journey Of the Broke.
Back to the choice words. In this short journey on my career path I have found that many of the hens don't want to be lead by spring chickens. Hmmm. This would be understandable if the hens were able to validate their reasons. You see sometimes, no often times, experience is mistaken for years of service. Experience coins proficiency. Years of service coins the length of time one has been doing a job. Professional coins proficiency. Veteran coins the length of time one has been doing a job. (excluding military veterans)

The Hen
Unfortunately many people have the mentality that "Paying Dues" is the sure way to get to the top. Putting in time does have its advantages. But during the time the dues were being paid what was done to ensure you were able to still run with the best of the best. As a hen in an organization I have to know and understand that my position and job security are not enough to get me by. Both of them are like social security - by the time I get ready to cash in, they money pool will have been depleted. So what am I doing to step up my game. Many say that it is a dog eat dog world, every man for their self. Fortunately, not all businesses operate in this manner. Opportunity is out there for everyone to succeed. Some success comes easier for others. So what, regardless of how it is achieved, the opportunity is there for success to be gained. Promoting me to a higher position within the company does not make me a leader. Because of the Peter Paul mentality of some employers, a promotion only gives me the authority to perform tasks for which I may or may not be qualified. My experience with different situations has made me knowledgeable to handle some issues and exercise my authority appropriately sometimes. Hmmm. You see my people do not know that I don't know what I am doing and I am not as wise as they think I am. You see soon enough they will come to know that I am not the person I have faked this whole time. But after 15 years of faking, I can go 5 more without a doubt.

(to be continued)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Life's Journey

In life we have so many many many decisions! We never know what our choices will yield unless we try. The year was 2002 Ii had just fallen out of love or what I thought was love. Moving on, the man of my dreams was right under my nose and I did not even know it. Fancy that! I bet that is the story of every one's life at some point or another. Turning back the hands of time and making up for the past is never a good idea. You see dwelling in the past leaves you in the past. Wishing you could change the past hinders progress in the future and living to change the past puts you at a dead standstill in your life. Living as if the past is going to change is the same as digging a hole to bury yourself in. What is a girl to do? How can I move on without any remnants of the past, without any regrets, without wondering what life would be like if I would have chose to follow the other road. Will these paths cross again? I believe they will. At this point I have taken a detour. I am on the scenic route and I am lolly gagging. As I continue on, I will soon find that the paths will cross again at a point least expected. It may be much sooner than I expect!!!
If life is really like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get; can I sample each piece of chocolate until I find one I like?